Chris Green - Luxury & Supercar Weekend 2016 Ambassador 

Chris Green - Luxury & Supercar Weekend 2016 Ambassador 

From the very first day he was born, Chris Green spent his childhood surrounded by fast cars and race tracks growing up with a family heavily involved in racing and a father owning an automotive repair shop specializing in German sports cars.  Growing up in Montreal, Chris began in karts at the age of 9 which quickly transitioned from a fun weekend activity with the family, to a full time passion and commitment.  Racing around the world, from Japan to Europe and all across North America, Chris quickly emerged as one of Canada’s up and coming talents.

Moving on to open wheel racing in the early 2000’s, Chris led a very successful path towards the ultimate goal of Formula 1.  As many of today’s drivers face, funding really put a hard stop to the pursuit of this pinnacle in motorsports.

Chris soon transferred some of his focus and determination to building a career and becoming a young professional in the business world with a position at a local Canadian engineering consulting firm.  Chris quickly made his mark, spending 8 years at a Montreal based design group, Chris grew a business unit division into a highly profitable service, representing almost 40% of the revenue at the time.

Chris never let go of his dream; he kept his feet wet on the race track competing in various levels of Porsche racing.  In 2012, Chis decided to compete in his very first Canadian Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge race at Gosport, where he won twice that weekend, in a gold class car and he finished second over all, competing against newer and faster Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars.

Chris was offered to be the team race driver for Pfaff Automotive Partners, driving the #9 Castrol Pfaff Porsche 911 and has had a very successful return to professional motorsports.  With 13 wins in the series, and crowned as the 2015 Canada Porsche GT3 Cup Platinum class champion, Chris is keen to build on the successes with his Pfaff Motorsports Team.

In 2015, Chris began working full time with Pfaff Automotive Partners as the Brand Manager for McLaren and Pagani cars in Canada, and recently added to the corporate portfolio and his responsibilities, the Singer Vehicle Design.  Chris has found his niche and is pursuing and living his dream, all the while enjoying sharing his passion for speed along with the greatest cars the modern world has to offer.