Internationally-renowned concours judge Nigel Matthews returns as Chairman and Chief Judge of the 2016 Canadian Concours d’Élégance. 

Matthews has spent the past decade as a classic car judge at competitions all over North America, including California’s prestigious Pebble Beach Concours since 2005.  He has judged at events in Europe and has recently received an invitation to do the same at the 2015 Cartier Concours in India.

Originally from Oxfordshire, England. Matthews has enjoyed the past 42 years living in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he worked as a red-seal designation licensed automotive technician and member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, repairing and restoring Rolls-Royce and Ferrari automobiles.

The past 22 years of his lifelong automotive career has been in the classic and exotic car insurance industry as a specialty vehicle damage appraiser, underwriter, and 10 years as the Administrator of the British Columbia provincial government collector and vintage vehicle licensing and insurance programs. He is currently the Global Director of Client Services for Hagerty Insurance, the Historic Vehicle Association Manager for Canada and F.I.V.A Scrutineer, having joined Hagerty Insurance in 2010.

He has judged at most of the major Concours throughout North America since 2005 and for the past 14 years has written a weekly classic car column in the Canadian press.  He has also written for a number of magazines.

Some other notable events and organizations he is involved with include:
La Jolla Concours D ’Elegance, California. Chief Judge 2016
Pebble Beach Concours California.  Class Judge 2005-present
The Cartier Concours New Delhi India. Class Judge 2015
Masterpieces and Style Germany. Chief Class Judge 2015-present

Charter Member of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group (ICJAG)  

“I am truly honored to be the Chief Judge at one of the most innovative vintage car showcases in Canada” said Matthews.